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With experts in Italian top brand cars, including Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo – from classic pre ’50s to modern sports cars, AutoBella can provide the highest quality of mechanical, body and electrical restoration.

We believe that every car should be given its own criteria of inspection and only the experts in the brand and era should be involved in the restoration. We have manufacturer certified partners which work with a state of the art precision and attention to detail. Every welding, material used and detail is recalled to the car’s era of production. Our mechanics only use manufactures OEM parts in overhaul, our oils are manufacturers certified and technicians are masters of their sector.


Our Restoration Services



Cars – especially classics – are renowned for hiding flaws and problems. However, with out 250 points inspection, not a single centimetre of wire, coachwork or mechanical gear is left unchecked.

An independent team can check a vehicle before purchasing, or you are in need of a professional advice on restoring a classic, the AutoBella Classics mechanics and coachworker are available with tools, knowledge and expertise.



Coachwork and painting

We pride ourselves in being in a partnership with top brand coachwork and bodyshops for sports and classic cars.

Our bodyshops have in fact over 20 years of experience and hundreds of models and variants of knowledge when it comes to classic and sports cars. Using only experienced artisans and top quality products, restorations can be guaranteed to be secure investments. Our methods of reconditioning the metal and matching the correct colours, in a matter of fact, meet the very strict criteria of ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) certification. AutoBella offers a range of restoration methods and processes in order to meet your budget goals and/or process of restoration. These methods include conservative, total and custom rebuild.

Conservative aims to keep the vehicle and its components as original as possible, in order to guarantee a solid time proof investment. Partial MIG and lead welding are the preferred options for this type of restoration, as only partial metal work is replaced.

A total restoration is applied to vehicles which need most of its metalwork components to be replaced and can guarantee an extremely long lasting longevity due to modern treatments and materials.

A custom rebuild is an approach to classic restoration for customers which are looking to maximise their experience with classic cars: transforming the car to a more aggressive version of their time (Alfa Romeo GTA conversion for example), or even transforming a classic hatchback into a convertible to enjoy the upcoming summer.

Mechanical overhaul and rebuild

Mechanics with years of experience, certificates and prizes are the only mechanics which AutoBella entrusts your cars to. With brand-specific staff, our mechanical work is recognised from customers world-wide. We provide different types of mechanical restoration depending on your exigency.

Complete nut and bolt restorations are available for customers which desire a trailer queen vehicle which can also be a daily driver. Every component is removed, inspected for wear and tear and lubricated before reinstall. Gaskets, tubes and parts are OEM and certified by manufacturer standards.

Custom mechanical work is carried out when rules and classic car standards are broken and performance and reliability become the #1 priority. Our custom services include suspension and ride height modification, ‘cross’ transmission work, carburetion and ignition to artisan handmade exhaust systems.

Electrical rebuild

Complete restoration