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Classic Fiat 500 Engine Overhaul

The following parts are replaced for brand new ones


– Pistons and barrels
– Valve Rods
– Con rods
– Gear pump mechanism
– Valve return springs
– Rocker springs
– Timing chain kit (complete) with seal replacement
– Timing kit replacement
– Valves are checked for conditions and should they need replacement, brand new ones are installed
– Carburettor is completely overhauled or replaced (depending on the original conditions)


– Points
– Rotor
– Distribution Cap
– HT Leads (with colour-corrected ones)
– Oil switch
– Condenser

Rubbers and seals:

– Complete engine seal replacement
– Head gasket
– Fuel pump spacer
– Oil switch rubber
– Air filter kit (rubber + tube)
– Spark plug caps
– Exhaust seals
– Exhaust manifold seals


– Air filter replacement
– Oil fumes tube replacement
– Oil fumes filter
– Fuel tubes (from fuel pump)
– Sump seal
– Rocker cover seal
– Exhaust
– Exhaust manifolds
– Exhaust brakets (2x)
– Oil sump is checked for corrosion and replaced if deemed necessary
– Dynamo Belt
– Engine stickers are fitted onto the air filter and by the dynamo

The engine cover panels are sprayed and sealed for cosmetic purposes. The engines are tested and vetted for performance, reliability and function purposes.

All engines are delivered without any fluids (fuel from the carburettor is emptied and engine oil is drained) for the safety of transport. It is therefore imperative that prior to the installation and start-up of the engine, all fluids are filled in correctly.

Starter motors are not included with any engine. This is due to the variety of combinations that can take place and the variability of models that are inherent with the gearbox bell. Get in touch for a quote on a starter motor for your vehicle here.

All parts fitted are Made in Italy – NO SECOND HAND OR BUDGET QUALITY PARTS USED. The restoration is carried out by experts and professionals in their field. Due to this, AutoBella supplies every engine with a 12 months or 5000 KM warranty.




– 479cc (Fiat 500 D & N): £2499 (NO NEED FOR ORIGINAL ENGINE)
– 499cc Overhauled Engine: £1700 (PLUS ORIGINAL ENGINE or CHARGE)
– 595cc Overhauled Engine: £1800 (PLUS ORIGINAL ENGINE or CHARGE)
– 650cc Overhauled Engine: £1800 (PLUS ORIGINAL ENGINE or CHARGE)

– 750cc ABARTH PREP: £2999
– Synchronised gearbox (499cc coupling): £649 (No need for a gearbox exchange)
– Synchronised gearbox (595 and 650cc engine): £649 (No need for a gearbox exchange)
– Non-synchronised gearbox (499cc coupling): £549 (No need for a gearbox exchange)

£250 Non-refundable Deposit (netted off against the price of the engine or gearbox) necessary for any engine or gearbox order.

Timing of delivery

AutoBella guarantees a turnaround of maximum 5 weeks upon the order of the engine (plus engine sourcing if necessary for any special order or rare model).


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