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Maserati and Ferrari Sticky Removal UK

Ferraris and Maseratis interiors are renowned for their interior deterioration which, after a number of years, turns your switches and soft-touch parts into a sticky mess. These parts are very common in 1990-2000 Ferraris but are also present in modern production ones such as the 458 or California switches.

Does your Ferrari or Maserati present these sticky interiors? AutoBella is able to take the looks of your Classic (or modern!) sports car to its initial beauty.

Rather than replacing the sticky parts with OEM or similar replacement coatings, which would in turns result into another sticky or ‘bubbly mess’ (i.e. the heater control panel of the F355) AutoBella removes the top coat and replaces it with a solid-feel hard coat that will never become bubbly or sticky again. If the parts has images or symbols, these will be laser marked for a future-proof finish. Should the parts have an illuminating panel below, our team will replicate the see-through panel in order to allow for the light to shine like the original.

AutoBella is able to provide a service to UK based clients of both removal and installation of parts, as well as the restoration of the sticky parts (appointments should be made in advance for this service)

The most commonly refurbished parts are listed below, however, we are able to accommodate almost any request for any vehicle. Please feel free to send over a pricing request with the form at the bottom of the page

– Ferrari F355 Ashtray
– Ferrari F355 Heater Control Unit
– Ferrari F355 F1 Shifter Trim
– Ferrari F355 Switches (Sport, Fog light, Rear heater, Suspension, Lock)
– Ferrari F355 Air Vents
– Ferrari F355 Inner Door Handles
– Ferrari F355 Ignition switch cover
– Ferrari F355 Steering Column Cover
– Ferrari F355 Door window switches
– Ferrari F355 F1 Shift Paddles
– Ferrari F355 Bonnet release
– Ferrari 360 Ashtray
– Ferrari 360 Inner door handle
– Ferrari 360 Window Switches
– Ferrari 360 Heater control panel
– Ferrari 360 HVAC Panel
– Ferrari 575 HVAC Panel
– Ferrari 550 Air Vents
– Ferrari 550 Bonnet release
– Ferrari 550 HVAC Panel
– Ferrari 599 GTB Lock / Unlock & parking sensor buttons
– Ferrari 599 Reverse and Auto Panel Buttons
– Ferrari F430 Steering Wheel Switches
– Ferrari F430 HVAC Panel
– Ferrari F430 Phone, Hazard and Parking Lights Switch Panel
– Ferrari Enzo inner door pulls
– Ferrari 612 Seat controls
– Ferrari 612 Ashtray
– Ferrari 612 Overhad Panel
– Ferrari 612 Mode Disp Assembly
– Ferrari 612 Window Switches
– Ferrari 458 HVAC Panel
– Ferrari 458 Control Pod
– Ferrari 458 Steering Wheel Switches
– Ferrari FF window switch / hazard button trim
– Ferrari California Overhead Console
– Maserati Granturismo Stereo
– Maserati GranTurismo Mirror Control
– Maserati Granturismo Air Vents
– Maserati GranTurismo Headlight Control
– Maserati GranTurismo Upper Steering Cover
– Maserati 3200 GT Center Vent

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