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Classic Ferrari Parts

Whether it is a modern Ferrari Scuderia, 458 Speciale A, Ferrari 250 Lusso, Daytona or any other classic Ferrari part you’re looking for, look no further.

Over our years in the trade, AutoBella has build strong business contacts with official Ferrari manufacturers in order to provide to UK and international customers our usual expertise and competitive prices for which we are well known for already.

Contact our parts team through the contact form to enquire for Classic Ferrari Parts, wether it’s for an original Ferrari or a quality-matching Replica.

Following are the parts which we are able to supply. Please notice: not in stock – get in touch to find out prices and availability


Ferrari 328
Front Carello Headlights
Temperature Switch
Fuel Pump
Rear suspension bush kit
Front suspension bush kit
Water pump
Ignition Coil
Upper ball joint
Oil temperatur sender unit
Front indicator
Ignition coil and module (Ferrari Part Number: 124273)
Track Rod Ends

Ferrari 308
Temperature switch
Fuel Pump
ZF synchro rings: 1st 2nd 3rd gears (Ferrari part number: 106040 and ZF1249304278)
Crown and Pinion (Ferrari part number: 119762)
Front suspension bush kit
Water Pump
Valve guide
Valve oil seal (Ferrari Part Number: 119051)
Heater switches
Speedometer background (KM/H)
Rev counter background
Starter Ring Gear
Upper ball joint
Oil temperatur sender unit
Brake master cylinder Ferrari 308 RHD
Rod Bearing Kit Set (Standard size)
Front Indicator Assembly (complete)
Front indicator Lense
Transister coil (Ferrari Part Number: 115013)
Front Brake Calipers
Front end supension kit ball joint bushing
Rear indicator tail lamp orange Ferrari 308 Vetroresina
Oil Pressure Gauge (USA Models)

Ferrari 348
Timing Belt Cover (Kit)
Speedometer background (KM/H)
Rev counter background
Fuel pump
Ferrari 348 GTS Emblem
Track Rod Ends

Ferrari 208 246 Dino
Reverse light (Ferrari 206)
Distributor Cap (Ferrari 206/246)
Valve guide (Ferrari 206)
Wiper arm (Ferrari 246)
Interior carpet set (Ferrari 246)
Fuse box (Ferrari 246 and 206)
Heater switches (Ferrari 246 and 206)
Instrument cluster / Dashboard (Ferrari 246)
Starter Ring Gear (Ferrari 246)
Dino Wheel cap (Ferrari 246)
Oil temperature gauge (Ferrari 246)
Front Brake Calipers (Ferrari 246)
Rear Boot Lid Stay (Ferrari 246) Part Number: 20021903
Front end supension kit ball joint bushing (Ferrari 246)
Thermostat Housing (Ferrari 246)
Water Pump (Ferrari 246)
White Sun Visors (Ferrari 246)
Heater Valve (Ferrari 246)

Ferrari 365
Heater Valve (365BB)
Steering Rack (complete)
Intrior pull handle
Wheel hub spinner
Distributor Cap
Outer door lock (with key)
Wiper arm
Fuse box
Heater Switches Leavers (Ferrari part number 20166302)
Starter Ring Gear
Thermostat and housing (Ferrari Part Number: 106393)
Upper ball joint
Distributor rotor arm Ferrari 365 GTC/4
Front end supension kit ball joint bushing
Campagnolo Wheels
Front Brake Pads
Exhaust Hangers

Ferrari 250 (all models, including California)
Fuse Box
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Disc Brakes
Window Winder Handles
Door pull handles
Interior door handle
Front suspension bush kit
Ferrari 250 Thermostat
Distributor Cap
Speedometer cable
Outer door lock (with key)
Inner Front Wheel Bearing (Ferrari part number: 95892308)
Rear Axle Double Sealed Ball Bearing (Ferrari part number: 95892311)
Brake Hose
Wiper arm
Outer door handles
Soft top clamp down (Ferrari 250 California Soft top clamps chromed)
GTE License Plate Light and Holder
Ferrari 250 GT GTL GTO Rear Brake Rear Indicator Lights
Front Dash Vents 250 SWB (Ferrari Part Number: 20402905)
Triple engine chain
250 GTE Rear Light Assembly (complete)
Elring Head Gasket (250 GT ALL MODELS)
Handbrake Cable
Ferrari 250 Europa GT Taillights Lenses
Fuel Hose
Exhaust Hangers

Ferrari F40
Fuel Pump (Bosch OEM)
Speedometer sensor
Ignition coil (Magneti Marelli)
Fuse box
Manifold Sensor (Ferrari Part Number: 125380)
Speed sensor
Starter Motor
Ferrari Mondial
Water pump
Flexible clutch hose cable
Speedometer sensor
Outer door handles
Fuse box
MONDIAL 3.2 Ignition Coil
Oil temperatur sender unit
Transister coil (Ferrari Part Number: 115013)
Clutch cylinder (Ferrari Part Number: 107867)

Ferrari 360 / F430
Ferrari 360 F1 Gearbox Hydraulic Pump
Ferrari 360 F430 Alternator Belt Plastic Pulley (Ferrari Part Number: 172537)
Ferrari 360 Brake Master Cylinder
Ferrari 360 F430 Ball Joint Lower Wishbone (Ferrari Part Number: 203632)
Ferrari 360 F430 Ball Joint Upper Wishbone (Ferrari Part Number: 203633)

Ferrari F355
Fuel Pump
Ignition coil (Magneti Marelli)
Throttle Cable (Ferrari Part Number: 164441)
Gearbox flange F355 Manual (Ferrari Part Number: 158209)
Interior Carpet Set
Ferrari F355 2.7 Motronic Thrust Bearing (Ferrari Part Number: 165932)
Speedometer Sensor (Ferrari Part Number: 149095)
Track Rod Ends
Ferrari F355 Clutch (Ferrari Part Number: 157754)

Ferrari 412
Ignition Coil (Magneti Marelli)

Ferrari 330
Valve guides
Door catch
Ring Pinion
Front indicator
Brake hose
Upper ball joint
Master Cylinder
Heater Valve (Ferrari Part Number: 400111)
Brake Pipe Servo Non Return Valve
Front headlight trim
Triple engine chain
Handbrake cable
Front end supension kit ball joint bushing
Fuse Box
Fuel Hose

General Ferrari Accessories
Ferrari Wheel Hub Spinners
Ferrari Wheel Caps
Ferrari Front Torsion Bar Rubber (Part number: 125061, 107335, 101999, 100984)
Ferrari Oil Pressure Sender Unit (Part number: 122522, 100343)
Ferrari permanent master links
Ferrari Jäger Dials (many models)
Ferrari Head Light Bowl (Ferrari part number: 201767)
Ferrari Fuel Pump Gasket (36mm 52mm 60mm
Ferrari Distributor Rebuild Kit
Ferrari Drive Shaft Universal Joint Rubber Donut (Ferrari part number: 56894)
Ferrari Air Intake Flexible Rubber Hose (All models available)
Ferrari Front & Rear Suspension Spring Rubbers
Schedoni Leather Document Holder (Ferrari all models available)
Ferrari Chromed Boot Lock
Pininfarina Exterior Side Badge
Bertone Exterior Side Badge
Ferrari Fuel Pump Bendix
Weber IDF 40 / 44 Service kit
Ferrari Front Prancing Horse (Many models)
Veglia Borletti Chromed Surround Rings
Ferrari Fuel Support Hose (Ferrari Part Number: 126809)
Weber 42 DCNF 6

Other models
Ferrari Testarossa Limited Slip Differential Complete (Ferrari Part Number 155099)
Fuel Pump Support Ferrari 456 M GTA, 550 Barchetta, 550 Maranello 36MM (Ferrari Part Number: 170511)
Ferrari Daytona Clutch Cable (Ferrari Part Number: 500577)
Ferrari 400 Clutch Cable (Ferrari Part Number: 110020)
Ferrari Daytona Rear Boot Lid Stay (Ferrari Part Number: 20021903)
Ferrari Aluminium wheel 512BB 9 x 15″
Ferrari Testarossa Ignition Coil and Module (Ferrari Part Number: 124273)


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