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US to UK Lights Conversion

In oder to drive your Classic American Muscle or a US imported vehicle in the UK you will need to convert the tail and front lights to the United Kingdom standards. The conversion varies between car models and years of manufacture, and we can work with the customer preferences in order to modify the original lamps or have a one off custom built lamp. Lights needed in the UK are offside shining headlights, front and tail amber flashing indicators with brakes and dipped lights functions.

Every foreign car provided from AutoBella will include the conversion kit without the need of any modification, but anyone can take advantage of our service, even if you haven not bought your vehicle from us.

Tail lights

The choice given to our customers depends on the availability of the parts: for most US models, LED tail lights conversion kits are accessible. The primary reasons to choose this tail lighting system are not only the efficiency and durability of the LEDs but also the originality it leaves to the lights cover, without compromising the red lamp cover.

The circuit board is designed and manufactured in the UK and will have a 6 months warranty if faulty.

Front Lights

In order to pass the MOT test, EU and US imported cars will need to adapt to the offside shining regulation. We offer a complete front lights conversion service for any make an model. We do not only take care of the main beam, but will work with the customer’s preference to keep orange side lights or have white indicators round the car.

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