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1970 Volkswagen Beetle – NOW SOLD

Vehicle Description

Immaculate, absolutely top notch!” – was the description of the mechanic carrying out the MOT test when inspecting the Bug from underneath.

– 12 months MOT with NO ADVISORIES!
– EUROPEAN LHD (Italian Import)
– UK documents and plates.
– Restored engine and transmission.
– Restored paintwork and chrome work.
– Detailed engine compartment (SEE PICS!).
– Very original example with parts matching to the year and model used all round.
– Fires up at the first turn and idles perfectly.
– Model Year with comfortable modifications such as electric automatic choke.


The VW Beetle is an extremely well known car, but knowing more about the model you are purchasing makes it more interesting and a better investment bet. The Beetle production started in 1938, aimed to the masses, better known as ‘the people’s car”. Engineer Ferdinand Porsche was in charge of the project after the very successful project of the Zündapp Type 12. Porsche idealised the car to be simple to drive, simple to repair and simple to maintain, but at the same type it had to be capable of some performance and be extremely reliable; the result is one of the first rear-engined air cooled cars since the Brass Era. With 21,529,464 examples produced, the VW Beetle is the longest-running a car ever made. Models include the Type 1, 1200, 1500, 1302. The Type 1 Beetle had superior performance in its category with a top speed of 71 mph and 0–62 mph in 27.5 seconds with fuel consumption of 36 mpg. This was far superior to the Citroën 2CV, and it was even competitive with more advanced small city cars like the Austin Mini.

This lovely example is a ‘1960 – 1969′ 1200 model, which is the one that had undergone the most modifications in order to achieve a more comfortable, roomy and clean driver. In fact, this model received a front sway bar along with a hydraulic steering damper for a more precise steering and feel of the road. Also, the power increased to 40 hp primarily due to an increase in compression ratio to 7.1:1. The carburettor received an electric automatic choke and the transmission was synchronised on all gears. The speedometer was now electrically operated rather than cable connected. Appearance wise, the semaphore side indicators disappeared and made space for the flashing chromed-covered indicator appear on top of the wings, amber lenses on the tail and wider windows made an entrance with other structural changes on the body made this beetle the roomiest and ‘brightest’ ever. Comforts like fuel level gauge and washer fluid sprayer systems, door arm rests and locking buttons were also introduced to this ‘all new Beetle‘.

Engine and transmission

“The simplest engine in the world” as described from fanatics, fires up at the turn of the key. The electronic choke works extremely well and warms up the engine very quickly. The vacuum hoses have no issue and with a rebuilt, clean original carburettor the car idles very well from start. It has had a recent detailed engine rebuild maintaining the original 1200 block, coupled with a overhauled original 4 speed transmission. Every gear sits in place and couples very well at speed complimented by the satisfying and precise ‘click‘ noise when gears are selected. Valve adjustment have been performed during the restoration, plugs have been replaced, points have been checked and condenser and a new cabling system have been fitted. In fact, every single electrical equipment in the car works – including the vanity light on the driver’s side.
The suspension system was also replaced during the restoration, as per the joints and make virtually no noise while driving. The steering mechanism was also serviced during the restoration and is now very precise. The car brakes very well and sits still with the handbrake pulled. The MOT carried out a braking test also, and from our understanding the whole 4 drums were restored and serviced regularly.
To finish it off, the entire engine compartment was finely detailed with new hoses, tubes and shiny metallic shields, a very clean engine block and a shiny leaks-free carburettor giving it a ‘show off’ engine bay. Tyres are 80% and do not present any cracks or wear&tear. They seem to have travelled only the 9000km on the speedo, but it cannot be guaranteed.


The car sits straight, doors and bonnets shut tight and make the very distinct ‘beetle click’ when shutting. Gaskets and seals have been replaced around most of car and are in good, water tight conditions. This bug is the ‘flat windshield’ model, the one that does not follow the curve of the shell and is flat against the wind. All glass is in excellent conditions and do not present any major or noticeable wear/scratches. A couple of rubber window trims would need replacing for appearance reason since they present some cuts caused by temperature changes. Chromed trims around the windshield rubber have been replaced alongside the chromed cap on the indicator – they look nice and shiny!
The panel work is very straight (see pictures below) and doesn’t present any welding/patching. The body does not present any signs of rust (perforating or superficial) and the floors are immaculate. Cliché rusting parts have been checked and photographed below and they do not present any issues: gutters, package tray, quarter panel behind Side Rear windows but even rear cross members, fending mountings, spare wheel space and firewalls have been checked and are all very solid and coated in a shiny white paint. In fact, the whole paintwork is very shiny and reflects the bright mood of the bug, it would definitely win a prize to a local classics show and is a definite head turner in town!
The paint does not look dated and is finely finished all round, underneath the wings and in the bonnets. Windows and trims had all been removed prior to the inside out respray, giving it a very even coat of paint. Beetles usually are resprayed with wings-trim still mounted on and not replaced post spray. However, this beetle had the wings removed and sprayed and the trim connecting the parts to the main shell was replaced with a new one. Chrome parts are shiny and do not present any corrosion – however they are not in show-winner conditions, presenting some scratched and dings as visible on photographs below. Hinges and gaps are excellent and do not present any wear and tear or lack in precision, but also handles and locks have been fitted correctly, all windows roll down effortlessly and do not lack in precision. German engineering everyone!
Despite the beauty and the care taken in restoring this Volkswagen, it is not a ‘trailer queen’: the paint and body present a couple of scratches (covered by matching paint – see pictures) and it has a couple of small crack lines on the front lip of the car. Also, the driver side wing mirror has seen better days and would need replacing with a shiny new chromed one. The black tape on the bonnets has peeled off in a couple of spots and would need replacing. We’d also like to mention the chromed trim on the footstep has a couple of ‘dings’ on both sides along with 2 of the wheel hubs. The same footstep has a couple of detached spots of the rubber for foot grips (see pictures)

Interior & Trim

 The interior is very original and in very well conserved conditions. The colour and style of the seat covers match the manufacturing year. There are a couple of rips on the passenger side, but the structure and padding seem to be in good order. Also, the rear bench is in very good conditions and is on a very solid structure. The ceiling soft cover is in excellent conditions with no rips or stains, proving once again how very well insulated and water proof this beetle is. The dashboard has been resprayed when the car was restored and looks very nice – the closer you get the nicer, which does not usually happen with classic cars. The glove compartment has been left to original conditions and the spot for the radio housing has been left intact since the car was delivered. An aftermarket radio has been fitted but it not connected. The new owner will have the decision of either wiring it to the battery or taking it out for originality.
Carpets, door cards and pockets are all in very very good conditions and match the seat covers with originality standards, they are also not presenting any excessive wear and tear and definitely no cracks or cuts. The car smells very much like a classic, it does not seem to have been owned by smokers – it would of been picked up other wise, being a 2 owner car. Many parts are original and very particular, such as the rubber covers for the pedals with the Volkswagen logo printed on.
In summary, the interior is very, very nice it gives off a very retro feel to the driver; it would benefit from new front seat covers for it to become a show standard trimmed car, but as a Sunday and ‘cheeky-drive’ car, they are more than acceptable. The steering wheel would also benefit from a re-laquering for it to be shiny, but it does not affect the touch-feel on the hands, it would be a purely aesthetic improvement – logo on the horn and horn aid are original parts!

The car presents itself extremely well and is a lovely investment to put in the garage and enjoy every day. It gives confidence to drive and is very ‘airy’ – just speak to a VW fanatic and they will tell you there is nothing like driving a classic beetle! For those who are seeking the market for rare model, look no further. This model has been produced in a limited amount and is not one of the very common Super Beetle, or less desirable 1500 versions. The sound of a wheezy 1200 with its smaller tail lights and simple interior remains a favourite in the Volkswagen Club subscriber and will always be appreciated at shows and gatherings! Photocopies of the original 1970’s documents are present and will be consigned with the car, alongside a brand new black number plate set for the front and rear.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Registration date: 2015
  • Condition: New
  • Exterior Color: silver
  • Interior Color: black
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drivetrain: FWD

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